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The Bee 1 World Initiative bridges the opportunity gap for marginalized youth

through community, education, and virtual marketplace productivity.

About the Platform

Our virtual marketplace platform is designed to enable influence through inclusion of previously excluded people to create and sell their own intellectual property in a unique stakeholders’ market. This will take place under international law through an energy efficient exchange and identity system which also embraces the natural world as a key stakeholder.

Our Why

There are roughly 237 million children without identifying information across the world, and about 140 million youth are living in poverty living on less than USD $1.90 a day. We are here to meet the needs of both populations to help them regain their dignity and become global citizens for a better world.

Bee 1 World ® Honeycomb Store

We are celebrating and empowering young creators worldwide with tangible value while furthering their education and regaining dignity for their families by entering into the Bee1World Honeycomb.


Digital Assets (NFTs)

Showcasing how young artists see their reality in an accessible and meaningful way while raising awareness about building a justice movement in the new data economy.

Pop-up Shop

Showcasing how young artists see their reality in an accessible and meaningful way while raising awareness about building a justice movement in the new data economy.


Cultivating a trusted community through various value-add opportunities such as limited editions, special passes, and seasonal events.

Webinar Series

With 5 billion people having unmet justice needs around the world, new skill sets will be needed to serve this market. To promote learning through values-aligned interactions, we find it vital to teach strategies and opportunities around the topics of digital assets and legal frameworks in humanitarian settings. Open session dialogues about trusted marketplaces in the metaverse will supplement webinars.

Knowledge-building Opportunities

Digital PenPal Trainings

To effectively participate in the world, millions of children without a legal identity (called "invisible") need effective systems to identify them. The Digital PenPal trainings will enable volunteer PenPals and Verifiers to work effectively with "invisible" youth to identify, locate, and/or create ID Elements, and to facilitate placement of ID Elements into a blockchain with access controlled by the newly "visible" members of society.

Virtual Marketplace Summit

In November, this summit aims to continue building on the global marketplace by bringing together legal, tech, and policy experts at the intersection of human rights, legal frameworks, and education for implementing the first frameworks for digital identity, smart contracts, digital assets, and online dispute resolution.

Our Friends

Bee 1 World's work is supported by generous private contributions from corporations, foundations, and individuals. Our deepest thanks to all our network who make this work possible. Bee 1 World(R) is a fiscally sponsored initiative of InternetBar.Org Institute, a registered 501(c)(3) public charity number 20-2683134.

Dr. Barbara Sunderland Manousso
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EUCON Legal group
HIIL Holistic Solutions
JW Marriott Hotel
King & Spaulding
Kyiv Legal Hackers

Mac-Arthur Pierre Louis
Natalia Olowska-Czajka
Nicky Hickman
The Trebuchet
Wardyński i Wspólnicy Law Firm
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