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"A Peace Jam"

Hip Hop Saves Lives traveled to Cape Town, South Africa. We met with an extraordinary organization called MENTORING PEACE BUILDERS. They run the local chapter of a parent org called

Peace Jam has 6 curriculums written by Noble Peace Prize winners to teach youth peace making strategies. It was beyond an honor to create this song music video and do interviews with a handful of their youth.

Donate to the the Educational Center Children of Ukraine

Poland has welcomed more refugees from Ukraine than any other country. Most of them are women and children. Fathers and male family members have to stay and defend their country. We can only imagine what it’s like becoming a single mother under these circumstances. Stand with us as we support these mothers and pay for school lunches for 180 children at the Educational Center Children of Ukraine.

Together, we can provide lunches daily for the 180 children attending school at The Children of Ukraine Educational Center in Warsaw

Bringing a voice and justice to a young generation of refugees in collaboration with KelseyRae4Peace, HipHopSaves Lives and Chad Harper.


Hip Hop Saves Lives traveled to Cape Town, South Africa to meet with Mentoring Peace Builders, an organization that is the South Africa affiliate of PeaceJam. We worked with youth to write a song and shoot a music video called "A PEACE JAM". We also shot a documentary around the project as well as interviewed change makers around Cape Town about peace building in South Africa.

The "Kunta Kinteh" story from Juffureh, The Gambia

Hip Hop Saves Lives travelled to The Gambia to visit Juffureh Village where Kunta Kinte originated. We wanted to meet with local elders and get their version of the world’s most famous story from the Transatlantic Slave Trade. We interviewed the eldest remember of the Kinte’s family as well as the Village Chiefs. We took their story and worked with a local Mandinka band and children from the village to create this song and music video.

"CHAMPION" -by refugee children from Ukraine living in Warsaw, Poland.

Hip Hop Saves Lives in Warsaw, Poland. We worked with an amazing school founded by refugee Mothers who opened a Ukrainian school to give their children a slice of home!
Kunta Official Beats co-produced the beat with Chad Harper and did the mix and master. Shout out to Kristin Slaby for flying to Poland from NYC to document this project. Thank you Kelsey Rae and Jeff Aresty for the connect.

"Kulture E Kult" -Norway Teaser

Hip Hop Saves Lives journeyed to Finnsnes, Norway. We met with youth to see what concerned them. They spoke about the lack of freedom to be different and the importance of being open to other cultures.

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