Tech for Justice

Tech for Justice

· Tech for Justice is an education and empowerment initiative that emphasizes the exploration of artist rights, music distribution, and being heard in a digital age. 

· Tech for Justice programs span the globe and are dedicated to strengthening the voices of historically unheard artists in regions facing conflict, economic instability, and lack of fundamental human rights. 

· Tech for Justice seeks to shine a light on music, art and photography as a source of social and economic empowerment.

· Tech for Justice is a connector and a platform for the stories of individuals and communities around the world. With their unique ability to transcend what divides us, musicians speak the universal languages of peace and social justice.  

· Music can mirror society, but it can also transform it. We want to support musicians who do both – mirror the aspects of their cultures that are inspiring so the rest of the world can witness them, and begin to transform aspects that are problematic by starting a conversation around them.

· Empowered with education, our musicians, artists and photographers are positioned to be effective leaders within their communities and to disseminate positive messages for accountability and equality.  

· A lyrical and artistic voice for empowerment and justice, assisted by the amplifying power of technology, resonates not only with a community, but a country, and the world.